Mini Set (~15 pax) 


  • 自選 30件 雪糕/雪條

  • 包乾冰 (足夠保冷約8小時)

  • 直送到碼頭

Mini Junk Boat Party Set

  • 30 pieces of products of your own choice

  • Dry Ice included (last for around 8 hours)

  • Direct delivery to the pier 

*Please place your order at least 1 week in advance.


Let us know what products you would like to include! 

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​或 直接聯絡Food Union告訴我們你想要的產品 
Whatsapp (+852) 60902259

*如沒有特別標明, 我們會隨機配置雪糕產品. 

OR Contact us directly via whatsapp and tell us what products you would like to order.
Whatsapp (+852) 60902259

*If you didn't specify which products you would like to order, we will help decide the best combination for you! 

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