Summer Special 

Junk Boat Part Set

夏天又到! 最好當然係約埋親朋好友一齊出海消暑享受夏日時光!

Food Union 為你準備咗3款專為船河度身訂造的優惠套裝! 

​每款都送你足夠保冷8小時的乾冰, 為遊船河提帶嚟不一樣的享受! 

Summer is here! What's better than spending a day out on the sea with your beloved friends and family? A day at sea with Food Union Ice Cream!
We have prepared 3 junk boat party sets only for the summer! Each comes with free dry ice that will keep you ice cream cold for over 8 hours. 
Come join us for a special summer fun!  

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